We Are

Driven ...

From Supplier Dock to Restaurant Stock, we are driven to help make running great restaurants easier. Our people are driven to make a difference – every day, all over the world.
We are a company with innovation at the core … where ingenuity is continually encouraged and imagination is carefully nurtured. In a time of creative disruption and rapid advancement, every employee has a pivotal contribution to make.
At Martin Brower, we empower our people with the latest tools and technology and immerse them in a culture of infinite possibilities. In turn, they steer our best thinking and guide our transformation as a company and as an industry. Our diverse and talented team members have driven our reputation for excellence over six decades.
Making it easier to run great restaurants

Our Brand Promise

Our promise to customers is simple but bold: we make it easier to run great restaurants. In an industry known for distinct challenges and unique rewards, it’s a promise we’re proud to fulfill on a daily basis.
We’ve built our reputation by enhancing and protecting our customers’ brands, ensuring they don’t just survive, but thrive well into the future. Every innovative solution, operational improvement and service expansion is designed with our customers’ excellence in mind.

Brand Integrity

97% Food Safety & Quality
external audit scores

As the largest, most experienced supply chain partner to multi-unit restaurants globally, we set the bar at its highest level for food safety, quality and integrity. Our customers count on us to protect the quality and reputation of their brands by delivering products that have been handled with great care, using ethical and socially-responsible business practices.

Our Focus on Continuous Improvement

Our culture of excellence and continuous improvement begins with an investment in our people. We engage and equip our workforce with proprietary tools and intensive training to develop long-term solutions for what matters most to our company and our customers: product quality, reliable service, optimal cost savings, employee engagement and workplace safety.

We earn our reputation for excellence with industry-leading programs that make it easier to run great restaurants:

Customer Benchmarking

Competitive benchmark validations are conducted on an ongoing basis to ensure customers receive the best service at the right cost.

Internal Baseline Audits

Our processes are monitored continually to ensure consistency in performance, service levels, and continuous improvement globally.

Lean Six Sigma

Dedicated teams of Martin Brower employees earn this respected certification by completing rigorous, team-based problem solving training through data, analytics, process improvement and employee engagement.

Food Safety & Quality Leadership

At Martin Brower, we are all responsible for food safety. As the last line of defense for restaurants, our teams take every measure to ensure that only the safest, highest quality foods are stocked in our customers’ inventories.
Earning Six Sigma certification at Martin Brower teaches invaluable skills and strategies for problem solving our belts are able to apply throughout their careers. The key is recognizing that the process, rather than the specific outcome, is the most critical component. It’s an approach that works to resolve the even the toughest of challenges.

Our Values

Martin Brower is driven by our shared values, woven into the fabric of our culture, and guiding everything we do.


    We value flexibility, innovation, and embrace a continuous improvement culture and a willingness to take risks.

    We value thinking and acting globally, doing what we say we will do and helping one another succeed.

    We value lasting relationships with our Team Members, customers, suppliers and communities which are built on respect, integrity and trust.

    We value a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone is treated fairly and inspired to achieve their potential.

    We value the safety and health of our employees and our communities.

Our Culture


As ambassadors of Martin Brower, each employee is guided by a strong sense of social responsibility and ethical behavior in every aspect of their work. Our guidelines and policies regarding adherence to legal and compliance regulations are clearly communicated, and ensure we support our ethical commitments.


Protecting our employees, customers and our communities is paramount. Achieving the highest level of safety in each of the 19 countries in which we operate is more than an objective, it’s an obsession. Even one injury is unacceptable, and our company-wide safety program targets the only goal that matters: ‘‘zero is possible.”


Our Company is dedicated to strengthening the communities where our people and customers work, live and play. Martin Brower provides key opportunities for employees to make a difference by serving as vibrant ambassadors in their community.

A history of excellence drives our customer experience. Every day. All over the world.






In business for more than 60 years, Martin Brower has grown into a multi-billion dollar company, fueled by constant innovation, enduring customer loyalty and smart acquisitions.
Our long-time relationship with McDonald’s began in 1956 with deliveries to founder Ray Kroc's first restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois. While many big ideas start as a sketch on a paper napkin, we put our own unique twist on the story. Delivering the paper napkin was our big idea which allowed us to grow with McDonald’s and support their trailblazing ascent to globally beloved fast food leader. We continue to grow by making well-aligned acquisitions and attracting new customers with our ongoing reputation for excellence and legacy of success.


Reyes Family of Businesses

Our sense of family springs from authentic roots. Founded in 1976 by two brothers, Chris and Jude Reyes, Reyes Holdings, LLC remains a family-run business to this day.
Reyes Family
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